The Importance of Being Earnest

Word of mouth is the best way to attract customers to your product.

When you are called, or an email is sent to you, maybe a text or a letter even, that person is so interested in your service that they took time out of their day to pursue your product or service. That is huge! You think this happens all of the time?

This potential customer has placed an offer or extended an opportunity to you, and they are risking their reputation for it; when the local upscale diner has asked for you to accompany their dinner hour, they are putting a lot of personal investment into their decision; when another band reaches out to you to open for them, it's a strong statement of what they think of you; when a bandleader has asked you to do one rehearsal and then play a two-hour gig, they trust what they have heard, seen, and read about you.

Responding promptly and with care gives many insights into how you value your product. It shows that:
  • You care about the customer, their time and reputation
  • You took time out of your busy day to respond
  • Your reputation and product are worth pursuing
This makes a strong statement.

Responding late, without regard, or maybe not responding at all gives the patron all he needs to know immediately:
  • You don't care about their time nor reputation
  • You won't take time out of your day
  • Your reputation and product are not worth pursuing and you don't care
This makes a much stronger statement.

Word of mouth is the best way to have customers avoid your product.

In summary, showing up is half of the gig. If you don't take your product seriously, why should we?