Links for Double Bass Presentation at OBFCS

Books on Contemporary Sounds and Music for the Double Bass:

Betram Turetzky's Contemporary Contrabass:

Musica Guild’s les modes de jeu de la contrebasse/Modes of Playing the Double Bass:

Eric Daino’s thesis: The Double Bass: A Technical Study Of Timbre:

Klaus Trumpf’s Zeitgenössische Musik für Solo-Kontrabass:

Videos Online of Contemporary Double Bass Players:

Edicson Ruiz playing for Elliot Carter:
His channel:

Matt Kline playing his Fragments for Double Bass:
His Fresh Inc. Festival recordings:
Videos from Fresh Inc Festival:

Francois Rabbath (Double Bass) and Sukhvinder Singh Naamdhari "Pinky" (Tabla) perform Rabbath's Poucha Dass:
Francois Rabbath Visits McNally Smith College of Music:

Fernando Grillo plays his Taiacis (1981/82) -- Gstüss (1975):
His channel: