Recording of AT2021 Placed Behind the Bridge

I just picked up some new microphones and other gear and wanted to test out how different recording setups sound on my bass in my room at home. I'll be posting different ones up once I figure out how all of this stuff works.

For this, I placed an Audio Technica AT2021 in between the bridge feet; it's suspended using two large rubber bands for microphones (thanks, Lance) and those are kept in place by bunched up smaller rubber bands.

Here's my signal path:

Seth Kimmel Bass with Pirastro Permanents  →  Audio Technica AT2021  →  Focusrite Sapphire 2i2 USB Interface  →  Macbook Pro

These recordings are direct into Audacity and unaltered.

— This is a pizzicato 2-octave chromatic scale from low E, followed by a 2-octave G arpeggio.

— This is an excerpt from a Paul Chambers solo I'm transcribing.

I've thought about what might happen in a live situation, as this microphone is tending to pick up a lot of background noise.  I'm excited to try it out on a coming gig in a notoriously loud space, so I'll be keeping updates on this blog.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts on the sound; all criticism is welcome and appreciated!