Recording Using AT2021's at Bridge and Shoulder

Here's a semi-update on my using AT2021's on my bass for recording. My last post on using the AudioTechnica AT2021's had me only using one behind the bridge, simply because I thought the placement was neat and wanted to show people. Now I'm here to deliver the goods (sort of).

For this recording, I set up the microphones as pictured to the right (ignore the mess): one underneath the bridge, between the bridge feet (better picture here); and the other pointed towards the shoulder of the bass, pretty much straight on.

These are excerpts of the final takes of a song I recorded for, whose track I'll leave anonymous.

Here's my signal path:

Seth Kimmel Bass with Pirastro Permanents  →  Audio Technica AT2021 (x2)  →  Focusrite Sapphire 2i2 USB Interface  →  Macbook Pro

These recordings were recorded direct, exported unmixed, normalized, then converted to 320k MP3.

(That last track I moved around and got a bit too close to the mic on the shoulder, so there is a volume swell a little towards the end.)

If you want to check out the raw individual clips, you can download them here: Bass Recording 12-2-14 - AT2021 at Bridge and Shoulder.

Thanks for listening, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!