YamaYama – Bomberman II, Stage 1 (Video Performance)

So my band YamaYama has been working on a lot of music recently, and the more absurd stuff we've done in the last couple months is all here in this video. Just released yesterday is our cover of a theme from the old NES tune, Bomberman II. Click play if you want:

  • A well played (but strange) cover of a video game tune
  • Reggae with salsa and classical breakdowns
  • A ripping flute solo by Cousin Itt
  • Our keyboardist being extremely uncomfortable in a powdered wig
  • Me in heels and a dress

It's all here, folks! This video also is the kickoff of our new Patreon page, where you and the rest of our fans can help us out by donating a fixed amount for each music video we release (about once a month). If you like what you hear, please subscribe to our Youtube channel to see our new projects and consider helping us out on Patreon!

I'll talk a minute about the song we covered and what terrible, awesome things we did to it to make it a YamaYama arrangement after the video.

So now to what unspeakable things we did to such a poor innocent little song.

If you check out the next video, you can listen to how it was meant to be heard. My favorite part of this has to be the drum part going on throughout. Fat and punchy to bouncy and light, it feels like a party. There can never be enough tracks that sound like this. The rest is pretty great, too: the silly way too happy bassline always get me, and a well done synth patch is and will forever be my weak spot (I just bought a keytar and a synth for that very reason, but anyway...).

When Scott first brought it in, I can definitely say it didn't start out the way you just heard it above. Most of what we ended up doing were off-the-cuff dumb ideas (my ratio for what is used versus how many dumb ideas I have is very low) or in the case of the harpsichord solo, accidental patch changes, and then a silly amount of tweaking to get said ideas to actually feel good. It's really a blast taking these seemingly incompatible ideas and kind of 8th-grade-art-class-ing them together. Trial and error abounds at our rehearsals; mostly error, but often errors we take and then graft on to the arrangement anyway.

I feel like I really get to use that part of my brain that I haven't used since I was just starting to play music: messing around with things I know nothing about until something cool happened. Just recently finishing music school has left me with a gaping hole where these kinds of activities used to fill, and I'm elated to be using them more!

I hope you enjoyed the tune, and would love to hear any comments, questions, or cat calls, if that's your bag. Thanks for reading!