YamaYama – "Vampire Killer" from Castlevania (Video)

My band YamaYama just finished posting a video of us performing Castlevania's "Vampire Killer"! Our fellow VGM'ers Tetrimino just hit 10,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel and asked their friends to help them celebrate by covering their tunes and posting them online. We chose their "Vampire Killer" cover and got to work.

We found that given our timeframe, I would be gone for about a week or more performing out of state and the group would otherwise not be able to meet until the recording day. Situations like this stress me out, but they magically seem to work out with some added bonuses in the music. (please note: the reason this stresses me out is waiting until the last minute can work out, but if it doesn't, you are HOSED. It's like a double down or "The Dog and It's Reflection")

Tetrimino sent us their music to work from, and I reformatted it and made it a little shinier for us to play, adding a riff at the top and the end and really not doing much more to it musically. Upon showing up to rehearsal, we took advantage of the time to set up recording by also changing many of the sections in the spur of the moment, including more or less destroying and reconstructing the chords after the breakdown. Many of my favorite musical experiences happen in that realm of crunchtime and this was no exception!

Check out our newest video and the sheet music below (which has been revised to fit the video)! Be sure to subscribe if you want to hear more of us coming your way!