Video: Three Tracks with Neal Chin and Merlin Showalter

My good friends Merlin Showalter, Neal Chin and I got together to record some music, including a new original tune of Neal's. I met Neal at a ukulele festival in Oakridge, OR, and wanted to see what would happen if we collaborated. I had been wanting to really dig into using my Ohana OBU-22 Uke Bass, which was given to me by Ohana for a uke festival in 2014, and this really gave me that opportunity with a variety of styles to work on. Neal recently posted up the videos and a cool write-up on his website, so check them out! Big ups to my friends Nathan Alef and Adam Carlson for recording audio and video, Mason Kline for the mixing and mastering, as well as Pacific Winds Music for use of their space!

The videos are below, and the link to his and Merlin's pages are here:

We Are Here To Make Sound (Neal Chin's Site)
Merlin Showalter's Website