May Newsletter - ☀️🥵🌤🔥


I have had an exciting last few months and am looking forward to May! February, March, and April were a blast and I got the chance to make music with so many awesome people. From opening for NYEUSI (w/ Evan Marien) with Dan Rossi, to recording on and playing on the release of Korgy and Bass's newest record, "2500=4:26000 Side-B", to playing on this year's 'Ukulele Cruise with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, to getting to see Bernard Purdie, Tower of Power, and Anomalie all in the same week, these last few months were nuts. But I'm super stoked for what's up next!

I've been working on learning the music that gets me inspired and recently recorded a transcription of Chaka Khan's "Feel For You" on synth bass, which you can check out here.

Here's some of what I've been listening to and learning recently:

Judee Sill - Heart Food: this artist hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it. Really some of my favorite songwriting I've ever heard. Check out this live version of "The Kiss" and revel in her incredible sound.
Chic - Risqué: aside from the obvious banger "Good Times", "Forbidden Lover" is one of my fave bass lines and chord progressions. Listen to literally any Chic.
Mark Guiliana - Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music!: Classic new record with electronica, reggae, dub, and jazz influence. Some heavy beats and bass playing on this record, inspiring for anybody looking for SOUND.

These are a few of the gigs I've got coming up this month:

5/1: Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel at AMP by Strathmore - North Bethesda, MD
5/3-5: Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel at Allegheny Ukulele Soirée- Altoona, PA
5/7: Recording with Edna Vazquez Band
5/9: Nick Hamel and Jordan Vale at Artigiano - Portland, OR
5/11: 3 Leg Torso at NCRD Performing Arts Center - Nehalem, OR
5/19: 3 Leg Torso at the Fly Me To The Moon Benefit Concert - Portland, OR
5/25: Nicole McCabe at The 1905 - Portland, OR
5/25: Dan Rossi's MESS and Illegal Son at Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR
5/29: Korgy and Bass at Holocene - Portland, OR
5/31: Recording with Pablo Rivarola - Portland, OR
6/2: Todd Marston's Integer at SOMA Taproom on Belmont - Portland, OR