My new PO33 EP is out now! I’m super excited to share this work with you all and hear what you think.

For everybody who doesn’t know what the PO33 is, you can check out Cuckoo’s sweet tutorial here, where he goes over the ins and outs of this tiny little musical device.

I relied almost completely on the sampling capabilities of this device to create this whole album. Some of the samples include kitchenware, Kindergarten Cop, Nate Smith drum videos, Casio keyboards, songs from Marateck, Rachmaninoff, Evanescence, Owl City, Alan Watts, Tarek Yamani's "The Well Inverted Clavier", various drum breaks, Judee Sill, and some FM sounds from the Reface DX.

Thanks for checking it out, and I’d love to hear what you think.